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Adidas Estro 6 Hockey Stick


A great mid range stick suitable for the all round player. 3d geometry helps stiffen the shaft for increased power. Along with a cut away on the under side of the stick to help lift the ball.


Adidas Estro Kromaskin 3 Hockey Stick


A superb Stick from the Adidas range, targeted at the all rounder this Estro Kromaskin has a host of features.


Adidas Fabela 5 Hockey Stick


A great mid range Stick with a mid to low bow shape ideal for all levels of player.


Adidas Fabela 6 Hockey Stick


A great value Stick from the Fabela Range. Incorporating 3D Geometry for a stiffer shaft with more power and control. It makes for a clean and crisp hit whilst maintaining perfect control of the ball. Perfect for the all round player.


Adidas Fabela Kromaskin 3 Hockey Stick


With partial Kromaskin coverage and a mid to low bow shape, this stick is ideal for those who require accuracy and control along with their 3d skills.


Adidas Fabela Rise Hockey Shoes


A great mid level shoe suitable for all pitch types, EVA midsole and traxion outsole for maximum grip.


Adidas Flexcloud 2.1 Hockey Shoe


A great all round Hockey Shoe, The Adidas Flexcloud 2.1 is suitable for all surfaces, with Cloudfoam Cushioning and Traxion outsole for added grip and stability.


Adidas Ruzo 4 Hockey Stick


With its unique stick shape, that stiffens the shaft giving increased hitting power. Perfect for the a attacking Hockey player.


Adidas Youngstar Hockey Shoes


Ideal for the Junior Hockey player, these shoes offer superb fit and cushioning, suitable for all synthetic pitches.

Ashaway Zymax 64 TX Badminton Re String


This thinner gauge Zymax string from Ashaway enhances speed and generates repulsion power. The textured coating gives extra feel.

Ashaway Zymax 68 TX Badminton Re String


A great Multifilament String with a Textured Coating that enhances feel and Zy Weave which maintains Tension.


Babolat Backrack 2 Badminton Bag


The New and Improved Backrack from Babolat, with a host of new features including a new wide opening top.


Babolat Backracq Badminton Bag


This 4 Racket Bag is an ideal choice if you are travelling to play Badminton by bike or motorbike. Because of its rucksack style straps the Backracq is easily held over the shoulders for a secure fit whilst travelling.


Babolat Drive Junior 23


A fantastic Graphite 23″ Racquet for Kids aged 6-8 which will give the right amount of power and control to help move them up to the next level.


Babolat Drive Junior 25


A fantastic Graphite 25″ frame perfect for Juniors aged 8-10 who want to elevate their game to the next level. With a softer feeling frame and 16/17 String pattern eases tension on the arm.


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