How can I pay?

Payment methods available through the website are:
- Visa Debit/ Credit/ Electron
- Mastercard
- American Express
- Maestro (only UK issued)
- PayPal

What is the security check?

For your security, every single order goes through a security check. The security check has been put in place due to increased anti credit card fraud procedures and identifies multiple orders within a short space of time. All new orders are checked to ensure they are not fraudulent or a duplicate. If your order fails to complete the security check we will contact you by email or phone to request additional information so that we can validate your order. Please make sure you are supplying the correct billing name/address information so we can deal with your order quickly.

How long it will take for security check?

Normal process times will be within 24 hours. If you have chosen Priority Delivery this will be actioned in time for the order to be processed as requested.
When your order has been processed you will receive either an order confirmation email which confirms authorisation was successful or an email detailing any payment problem including what to do next.

How can I cancel an order?

Please email our a member of our Customer Service team will assist in your requirement.

Will Payment be taken straight away?

Once your payment details have been entered, your bank will place an authorisation against the full order amount. This will show as a pending transaction on your account (unavailable funds). We will then either take all or part of this pending amount depending on whether we are processing all or part of the order straight away. If your order is a Pre-Order for more than 5 days in advance of the order date the pending transaction will automatically void after 5 days and be released back into your available balance.
If you cancel your order before we have completed the transaction the pending transaction can be voided. Please allow 3-5 working days for any amount pre-authorised by your bank to be cleared into your available funds. For orders placed from overseas this may take longer.

Why is the total price still including VAT when my order is being shipped to an exempt location?

In order for our system to determine that you are VAT exempt you must select the correct country for delivery. In the unlikely event you have been charged VAT when you are exempt please contact a member of our Customer Service Team.

Are my details retained for future orders?

We do keep records of your NAME /ADDRESS and records of previous orders. If you have ordered previously via the website you should have a login with which you can place an order more quickly.