Junior Cricket Bats

Our wide range of junior cricket bats include a selection from GM, Grey Nicholls & Kookaburra bats. In various sizes and budgets we have the right bat suit any budding test batter.

Need some advice to get the right willow for your weekend. Get in touch and we’d be happy to help you select the right bat! Alternatively pop into our Harrogate store for more hands help.

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GM Diamond DXM 404 Junior Cricket Bat


Designed in conjunction with Ben Stokes the Diamond DXM offers Juniors a Shorter Blade length which creates a better balance along with a lighter pick up.


GM Sparq Junior Cricket Bat


Entry Level Kashmir Willow PRO LITE grip sizes 1 to …


Gray Nicolls Alpha 1.0 Academy Cricket Bat


A great English Willow bat ideal for the Junior playing Hard ball Cricket


Gray Nicolls Alpha Gen 1.0 200 Cricket Bat


The 200 model from the Alpha Generation 1.0 range suits the more Casual cricketer. This bat packs a punch but will not put a dent in the wallet! A solid middle with a light pick up makes for an easy-to-handle bat with great manoeuvrability.


Gray Nicolls Alpha Gen 1.0 5Star Cricket Bat


A fresh new look on the Alpha Generation 1.0 range, this 5star model has great manoeuvrability and light pick up.

Gray Nicolls Alpha Warrior Junior Cricket Bat


A classic mid blade sweet spot and rounded Powercurve face makes this bat an ideal choice for the advancing Junior playing Softball Cricket.


Gray Nicolls Hypernova 200 Cricket Bat


Coming in at the Entry level, the 200 model from the Hypernova Generation 1.0 range is a great English Willow Bat with a pro fibre face cover.


Gray Nicolls Prestige Junior Cricket Bat


Trust is everything to a brand like Gray-Nicolls. If we …

Kookaburra Beast 5.1 Junior Cricket Bat


English Willow ‘Pro Shield’ Face with Painted Back Kookaburra Pre …


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