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D3 Athletic Sports Tape


AST Tape is a great lightweight sports tape ideal for all types of minor injuries that require strapping.

D3 K6.0 Kinesiology Tape


With superb stretch qualities and extra adhesion. K6.0 tape is the ultimate sports injury tape which will take pressure off over used muscles and help alleviate swelling.

D3 Rigid Strapping Tape


RST Tape is ideal for all high impact sports, it is stronger and has higher adhesion qualities to most other tapes.


Urban Fitness 12kg Dumbbell Tree Set


This 12kg Tree comes with 2x 1kg, 2x 2kg and 2x 3kg  Neoprene Covered Weights on a Stand.


Urban Fitness 20kg Cast Iron Set


This Dumbell set is great for toning and upper body workouts. It includes

2 x Spinlock bars, 4 x 1.25kg plates, 4 x 2.5kg plates and a Carry case


Urban Fitness Adjustable Bench


This adjustable Bench is perfect for around the home, it folds for easy storage and has several adjustments on an easy ladder system from Incline, Flat to Decline. Solid construction with padded seat and back rest along with foot rollers.


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