Senior Hockey Sticks

A great range of Senior Hockey Sticks across 36.5″ and 37.5″ sizes suitable for all levels of play.

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Adidas AX Compo 1 Senior Hockey Stick


An ultra low bow, 70% carbon stick featuring a pure …


Adidas AX24 Carbon Senior Hockey Stick


90% Carbon/10% Other New Low Bow Pure control head shape …

Adidas Estro 6 Hockey Stick


A great mid range stick suitable for the all round player. 3d geometry helps stiffen the shaft for increased power. Along with a cut away on the under side of the stick to help lift the ball.


Adidas Estro Kromaskin 3 Hockey Stick


A superb Stick from the Adidas range, targeted at the all rounder this Estro Kromaskin has a host of features.


Adidas Fabela 5 Hockey Stick


A great mid range Stick with a mid to low bow shape ideal for all levels of player.


Adidas Fabela 6 Hockey Stick


A great value Stick from the Fabela Range. Incorporating 3D Geometry for a stiffer shaft with more power and control. It makes for a clean and crisp hit whilst maintaining perfect control of the ball. Perfect for the all round player.


Adidas Fabela Kromaskin 3 Hockey Stick


With partial Kromaskin coverage and a mid to low bow shape, this stick is ideal for those who require accuracy and control along with their 3d skills.


Adidas FTX Compo 2 Hockey Stick


Want to better your game? well with the FTX Compo 2  and its 3d head shape, you will be able to dazzle your opponents with your 3d skills.


Adidas Ruzo 4 Hockey Stick


With its unique stick shape, that stiffens the shaft giving increased hitting power. Perfect for the a attacking Hockey player.


Adidas Shosa Kromaskin 3 Senior Hockey Stick


The Shosa franchise brings something completely new to the hockey …


Grays AC5 Dynabow Hockey Stick


With Aerospace Grade Foam in the Core, this Dynabow model is perfect for all round game play.


Grays AC7 Jumbow Hockey Stick


Brand New from Grays with Aerocore technology. The AC7 Jumbow is a fantastic stick with exceptional feel and control. Designed for 3d skills and the fast pace of the game. And because of a traditional Low Bow shape its great for aerials and drag flicking. Elite performance meets a striking new design along with a new Handle design.


Grays GR4000 Dynabow Hockey Stick


This is the entry level stick from the GR range and is perfect for the advancing Hockey player who requires feel and control.


Grays GR5000 Jumbow Hockey Stick


A classic choice for players looking for a soft feel stick to aid control and execute short passes.


Grays GR6000 Probow Hockey Stick


A great mid range stick that is excellent for Aerials and drag flicking due to its Probow shape.


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