Padel, The game that is taking the UK by storm! a great way to stay fit and competitive at the same time.

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Babolat Air Vertuo Padel Racquet


A performance Padel racquet that has good manoeuvrability and the perfect amount of power.


Babolat Reflex Padel Racquet


A high and Large sweet spot, along with its Head Heavy Balance make this a great Frame for the attacking Player.


Head Core Padel Combi Bag


the smallest padel bag in the collection, but at the same time, the most flexible and practical. It can endure anything and is an ideal size for carrying whatever your match or training requires.


Head Delta Elite Padel Racquet


A fantastic Head Heavy bat with an oversized diamond head shape for more comfort. Ideal for those seeking more power from there game.

Head Delta Junior Padel Bat


The DELTA JUNIOR PADEL RACQUET is made for competitive juniors …


Head Evo Delta Padel Racquet


Head Evo Delta, this Padel racquet has all the comfort and power that new players need, Easy to use with its oversized head.

Head Evo Sanyo Padel Racquet


Head Evo Sanyo, this Padel racquet has all the comfort and power that new players need, and also comes with Sanyo Gutiérrez’s style and endorsement.


Head Gamma Pro Padel Racquet


Head Gamma Pro Padel Racquet, Built for the Serious player who wants the perfect combination of control and power. A Tailored frame with every tube section individually constructed to achieve the best performance with every shot.




The official Ball of the World Padel Tour and the Spanish Padel Federation. An excellent reputation and performance for this premium ball with great control and extended durability.


Head Zephyr Padel Racquet


Head Zephyr Padel Racquet, Built for extra manoeuvrability, this is a lightweight racquet for intermediate players who want to let their games flow.

Here at Advantage Sports Harrogate, we have a fabulous range of Padel products with everything you need.


With over 30 years of experience within the Sports Industry, you can be assured of getting the right advice to help you make your Purchase.

The Gear

A great range of Padel Rackets, Junior and Senior, replacement Grips, Luggage, Accessories and Padel Balls which you will find all under one roof.

Bespoke Teamwear

At Advantage Sports, we offer a full range of Bespoke Padel Teamwear and a full embellishment service.

So if you need a quotation or anything else, let us know and we will happily send the relevant information to you.

Bespoke Teamwear is made to order and therefore has a 4-6 week lead time. However, we do offer stock options from various Brands and we can turn them around faster.

Pop up shops

If you would like us to come down to your Club for a Retail event then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also have a Demo service available to Try out Rackets before you buy.

Grip Fitting

Need a new Grip fitting to your Padel Racket? no problem, bring your Racket in to store and we can fit it while you wait

Bulk Ball Deals

Bulk Padel ball deals are available at competitive prices; contact us for your quotation now.

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