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Babolat Aero 25 Junior Tennis Racket


A great graphite Junior racquet that will give the right amount of control with power. This frame is ideal for the ambitious player looking to evolve their game.

Babolat Ballfighter 19″ Junior Tennis Racket


A Fantastic little starter frame for those age 3-4, Lightweight and easy to handle.

Babolat Ballfighter 21″ Junior Tennis Racket


Lets make the juniors faster on court with this cool looking design, Light and easy to handle and will make Tennis fun.

Babolat Ballfighter 23″ Junior Tennis Racket


For ages 6-8 this Racquet is the ideal frame to help juniors learn the fundamentals of the game, Lightweight and easy to handle.

Babolat Bfly 19″ Junior Tennis Racket


At Babolat we make Tennis fun! so check out the Bfly with its cool design, Lightweight and easy to handle.

Babolat Bfly 21″ Junior Tennis Racket


A great little Racquet for those age 4-6 learning the Game, Lightweight, easy to handle with a super cool looking frame.

Babolat Bfly 23″ Junior Tennis Racket


For ages 6-8 the Bfly is a great racquet with cool cosmetics. Ideal to help juniors learn the fundamentals of the game.


Babolat Boost Rafa Tennis racket


A great entry level racket that is light and easy to manoeuvre. The Boost Rafa is perfect for those starting out in tennis and is only 260g in Weight.


Babolat Boost Wimbledon Tennis Racket


Whether you’re a beginner, picking up tennis again or looking for an effective frame that’s easy to play with, the Babolat Wimbledon Boost is made for you!


Babolat Drive Junior 23


A fantastic Graphite 23″ Racquet for Kids aged 6-8 which will give the right amount of power and control to help move them up to the next level.


Babolat Drive Junior 25


A fantastic Graphite 25″ frame perfect for Juniors aged 8-10 who want to elevate their game to the next level. With a softer feeling frame and 16/17 String pattern eases tension on the arm.


Babolat Drive Team Wimbledon Tennis Racket


With a lighter weight (285g) than the original Pure Drive, the Pure Drive Team perfectly combines manoeuvrability and explosive power. Your adversaries will no doubt call it ‘your unfair advantage’.

Babolat Duo Replacement Grips


As used by Rafa himself! A Combination of Syntec Pro Replacement Grip and VS Original Overgrips. This Combination gives you the perfect feel and control of your grip. With the firm feel of the Syntec and then the VS overgrip on top. The thinnest overgrip in the range.

Contains 1 x Black Syntec Pro Grip and 3 x VS Overgrips, Yellow, Black and White


Babolat Evo Drive Lite Tennis Racket


This Racquet is from a new generation, dedicated to players seeking additional power and a softer feel on every shot.


Babolat Evo Drive Tennis Racket


Whether you want to have fun with friends or want to see how far you can take your game (why not both?!), this affordable performance racquet provides easy power and comfort as you enjoy tennis and reach your full potential.


Over 30 years of experience within the Sports Industry you can be assured of getting the right advice to help you make your Purchase.

The Gear

A great range of Rackets, Junior and Senior, replacement Grips, Luggage, Accessories and Tennis Balls of which you will find all under one roof.

Bespoke Teamwear

At Advantage Sports we offer a full range of Bespoke Tennis Teamwear and a full embellishment service.

So if you need a quotation or anything else, let us know and we will happily send the relevant information to you.

Bespoke Teamwear is made to order and therefore has a 4-6 week lead time. However we do offer stock options from various Brands and we can turn them around faster.

Pop up shops

If you would like us to come down to your Club for a Retail event then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also have a Demo service available to Try out Rackets before you buy.

Grip Fitting

Need a new Grip fitting to your Racket? no problem, bring your Racket in to store and we can fit while you wait

Bulk Ball Deals

Bulk Tennis ball deals are available at competitive prices contact us for you quotation now.

Racket Re Stringing

A same day Re Stringing Service is available in store with a large range of Strings and we can help you choose the right string and Tension to suit your game.


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