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A full range of Tennis Grips including overgrips as well as replacement grips.

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Babolat Duo Replacement Grips


As used by Rafa himself! A Combination of Syntec Pro Replacement Grip and VS Original Overgrips. This Combination gives you the perfect feel and control of your grip. With the firm feel of the Syntec and then the VS overgrip on top. The thinnest overgrip in the range.

Contains 1 x Black Syntec Pro Grip and 3 x VS Overgrips, Yellow, Black and White

Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip


Need a Tacky Absorbent Overgrip? then this is the one! Great absorption with superb grip

Babolat Syntec Pro Tennis Grip


The Syntec Pro is a perfect replacement grip for those who require a firmer feel from the racket handle. Excellent tackiness and feel used by the pros on tour.


Babolat Vamos Shock Dampeners


A great little tool to add to your strings which will help reduce shock vibrations through the frame.

Babolat Vibrakill Shock Dampener


Suffering from Tennis Elbow? this Vibration Dampener is ideal to help take some of the shock and vibration out of your shots.

Babolat Xcel Gel Replacement Grip


With its combination of Tacky Polyurethane elastomer and central gel strip, makes this grip perfect for those seeking comfort and extra cushioning.

Head Prime Tour Overgrip


Due to An innovative chemical reaction which increases the open cells of the PU Wraps surface. This makes for perfect sweat absorption and overall comfier grip.

Wilson Camo Overgrip


The Wilson Camo grip is an extra thin and lightweight …

Wilson Pro Overgrip 12pk


The grip of choice for many pros on Tour, Pro …


Wilson Pro Overgrip 3pack


The Choice of Professionals World wide this grip offers excellent moisture control along with comfort.

We have a full range of Tennis Grips, these include complete replacement grips as well as Overgrips. These are designed to go over your existing handle without building the grip up.

We can also offer a grip build up service if you need your racket handle building up. Instead of putting another grip over the top which does’nt build up correctly and can make your handle too spongy.

Here at Advantage Sports we strip your grip down and then heat shrink on a special sleeve. This builds up your grip an exact size (1/8″) and will feel much better and not cause Tennis Elbow.


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