Babolat Boost Rafa Tennis racket


A great entry level racket that is light and easy to manoeuvre. The Boost Rafa is perfect for those starting out in tennis and is only 260g in Weight.

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Babolat Boost Rafa Tennis racket.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate Player then this Tennis Racket is made for you. Because it is inspired by the legend himself Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Boost Tennis racket will enable you to hit every shot with pure elegance. Want a Racket that is the perfect tool to set you apart from your opponent? then look no further!


If you want some extra Zip in your shots, then what you need is a racquet that’s easy to hold. A Racket that will help you produce more power to boost your game. The Boost Rafa racket is specially designed with that in mind and at an affordable price.


Welcome to 2022, The Boost Rafa proudly represents the new generation of Tennis Frames. With an entirely graphite composition, this technology is used for the best tennis rackets. Consequently this frame is very light and will not compromise robustness.

Its like watching TV and you see an incredible one-handed backhand shot and this has given you the Tennis bug. We guarantee that this Racket will help develop your game as it is an extremely manoeuvrable Frame. So with this in mind the Babolat Boost was designed to be light and well balanced to avoid tiring your arm. Enhance your chances of winning and choose the Boost Rafa.

So because of a racket that has perfect manoeuvrability, with the Babolat Boost you will be sure to send your opponent to all corners of the court.

Technical Specification
  • Weight 260g
  • Head Size 660cm, 102sq in
  • Balance 340mm
  • String Pattern 16/19
  • Stiffness Ra 70
  • Section 23-26-23
  • Composition – Graphite
  • Length 685mm (27″)

Babolat Boost Rafa Tennis racket – Advantage Sports (

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