Babolat Pure Aero 26 Rafa Junior Tennis racket


The 26″ version of the Rafa racket is a great choice for Juniors who are wanting extra spin and power from the bassline. Play like Rafa himself! With its 100sq in Head and 16/19 string pattern you will exploit every shot.

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Babolat Pure Aero 26 Rafa. Combativeness, resistance and a mind of steel. It’s time to challenge your toughest adversaries with this brand new frame in his name and colours. You will dominate the game with your power and lift. Just like Rafa himself!

Light, manoeuvrable and good for spin, the Pure Aero Rafa 26 is the perfect option for the advancing junior player who is not quite ready for full size.

Just like its heavier big brother (Pure Aero) the 26 version is a Great Bassline frame. Built for those big hits at the back of the court on which you will send your opponent spinning.


Push back the boundaries of the court and exhaust your adversary. Whether you’re already a spin pro or simply an aggressive player after more bite, this racquet was designed with one aim: to add Spin to your game. This racquet will find you incredible new angles and drive your opponents crazy, sending them to the four corners of the court and beyond.


Need power to boost your offensive game? From day one, we designed a racquet made to support your pace and spin to help you fend off your adversary and send them behind the baseline. We have reworked the latest generation of the Pure Aero racquet to combine power and spin so you can exploit every opportunity for winning shots.

Technical Specification
  • weight 250g
  • head size 100sq in
  • balance 325mm
  • string pattern 16 x 19
  • Section 23-26-23
  • Stiffness (RA) 64
  • Size 26″

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